Anhui Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium Science Technology Co., Ltd.

The 2023 Spring Festival Marketing Training

Feb 08 , 2023

In order to further improve the marketing ability of the company's marketing team and build a strong marketing team, on February 3, 2023, the Human Resources Department organized a two-day marketing system training. General manager Guo Yongzhong and more than 50 core marketing backbones and technical backbones from the color coating business department, composite panel business department and curtain wall business department participated in the training.

Forging iron requires self-hardening, in order for the marketing iron army to grasp the company's latest product knowledge and related technical specifications and standards in a timely manner, improve its problem-solving skills and knowledge reserves, and better serve customers. On February 3, the Human Resources Department invited Mr. Zhou, the Chief Technical Engineer of the Composite Board Business Unit, and Mr. Jin, the Chief Technical Engineer of the Color Coating Division, to give lectures to the students, aiming at "Technical Management and Marketing Support of Building Decoration Energy-saving Integrated System" and "Product Knowledge Presentation" "Two courses were given professional lectures. In the classroom, the students were full of enthusiasm and serious attitude in learning, and expressed that they had benefited a lot.

The beginning of the year is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint.

The marketing team is the army of the enterprise. If the marketing is strong, the enterprise is prosperous. The marketing iron army must constantly expand their thinking, broaden their horizons, and maintain the enthusiasm for continuous learning and thinking! Combine theory with business practice, combine what you have learned in training, and apply it to practices such as market creation and business marketing promotion. Only with "real kung fu" and "hard skills" can we actively face all challenges in the uncertain future and achieve new business success!

So far, the 2023 Spring Festival marketing line "charging energy storage" has been successfully completed.

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